spending valentine's on cloud nine

i have never been so happy my entire life. it's so wonderful to feel lifted higher and higher as each day passes. the amount of joy that i have been experiencing would not be possible without my closest friends & family, and of course my future husband, Cameron.

this past weekend has overflowed my heart with love as it spilt out with the most joyous tears i have ever cried. what a beautiful image i have burned into my mind & heart...a room full of the people who have touched my heart so dearly throughout the years & being beside my life partner.

there is nothing more dear...
....to love & to be loved.

thank you to each and every single one of you that made it out to our engagement party. we couldn't be more thrilled to have such wonderful persons in our lives to share this experience with. i am more than excited to post photos up to recap the day...

but before then, i must go celebrate valentine's with my wonderful fiance.

until then...mahal kita.

future mrs murray

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