swipe from papyrus

here's a new store front display from the newly remodeled papyrus at fashion valley. ummm, i LOVE it. i "swiped" it for my wedding inspiration board. it's so crafty, elegant, and pretty!

craft nights are about to start up soon, lady friends always welcome!!


cake tasting . round one

After a handful of times re-scheduling our first cake tasting, Cameron and I were finally able to go. We were lucky to go with my Matron of Honor, Diane, and her husband Chris. The day couldn't be more perfect & fun...Here are a few snapshots from the day from Diane's phone.

Thanks for joining us guys...
hmmm, where should we try next?!



meet the murray siblings

hooray for family! here's the FIRST ever group photo of the murray siblings and their significat others. good looken group, eh? i must say, Kaylin & Tom did an amazing job raising their little chickadees...i love these peeps!!

left to right:
annabelle (me!), cameron, kendall (soon to be mrs golovkin), matt g, rachel, matt



engagement photo sneaky peaky

photographs courtesy of drew b photography
location . condors nest ranch

need i say more? i think these photos speak for themselves...i absolutely love them. they're perfect.


injoy entertainment . san diego

so far, i've been very happy with all the vendors we've chosen for the wedding. it's been fun picking and choosing & every vendor that we've picked seems to be a be the perfect fit for our big day. i was quite puzzled when it came towards who to pick as our wedding dj, but Cameron luckily has all sorts of amazing people that come into his store on the regular. amongst those regulars, there's Jason, from injoy entertainment. cameron showed me their site & without hesitation, i thought they'd be perfect. thank goodness, no cheesy wedding hoopla, with the exception a couple fun line dances (duh! it's a must)...

anyway, check them out:

Welcome to INJOY from Injoy Entertainment on Vimeo.

click away . injoy entertainment

now that most of the bigger wedding planning choices are in lock...i get to really play with details for decor! possible arts & crafts?! i can just picture it now...girl friends, wine & snacks, lots of scissors, glue, and tape...it may become my favorite part of wedding planning...hooray!

love you all,
future anna murray


drew b photography

cameron & i just got done shooting our engagement photos today with our fabulous photographer, Drew B. she definitely knows what she's doing with the camera, especially when in comes to terms of unique & great compositions. i commend her for having such a great eye! not only is she super talented, but she's such a joy to work with.

i'm usually terribly awkward when people take photographs of me, but Drew instantly exuded a warm vibe which allowed me to relax & enjoy the moment with Cameron. the combination of a great location, great photographer, & such a handsome fiance made this day so perfect for me.

big thanks to my future in laws, especially Mrs. Kaylin Murray for suggesting Drew to us in the first place. Drew should be coined as the "family photographer" since she has done photo-shoots for my future siblings as well...

also for Matt & Rachel.

aren't those photographs gorgeous?!
anyway, i will post our photos up once we receive them.

until then, please check out the following links:
drew b website
drew b blog

thank you again drew.

future mrs murray

my dainty little outfiit

here's the outfit i put together for our engagement photos we'll be taking later today.

dress . urban outfitters - hat . asos.com - socks & shoes - urban outfitters

can't wait to share the actual photos!



band of horses . marry me

this bands reminds me of the time when cameron & i worked together.
that was before we were aware of what we would & could become...



engagement photo sesh . condor's nest ranch

this wednesday cameron and i will be dressing up for a fun engagement photo session at condor's nest ranch. the owner, Lisa, has been such a joy to keep in contact with..she made the booking process fun & easy. i haven't even gone yet, but because of her i'm already in love, & i definitely recommend it. anyway, here's one cute photograph of the location that stole my heart, right off the site for condor's nest ranch.

no other photo could explain the love i look any better...rustic, subtle, & romantic with that handcrafted touch...but oh so simple at the same time. makes my heart melt.

i fell in love with it at first site when our photographer, Drew B suggested it. Drew, you knew my style from the get go. i am excited to work with you & capture some great moments together!

thank you to Lisa & Drew. i can't wait to work with the both of you.

please visit:

the condor's nest ranch
drew b photography


blueprints to our future

wedding planning has been a whirlwind ever since the engagement party. i constantly had the thought of updating the blog in the back of my head...but i couldn't quite get myself to sit down, type, and reflect! my apologies, not only to whomever may be reading this, but to myself! i hope to update the blog on a more consistent basis!

anyway, as much as i LOVE organizing & planning wedding ideas, amidst the fun possibilities of color choices, wholesale flowers, cake options, table centerpieces, hairstyles, dresses and what nots......what i love most is slowing time down and really focusing on the union of marriage that Cameron and I will soon experience.

a big milestone in our engagement process happened this past weekend when Cam & I met with Father Eugene of St Johns here in San Diego. we both understand how important faith is to help establish valuable morals within each other and potential CHILDREN! Catholics have strict guidelines for being wed in their church so Father Eugene is going to help guide us though out our marriage prep.

i must admit, at first the meeting with Father Eugene seemed a little too formal and intimidating for my taste, but he helped ease my thoughts & feelings by discussing the importance of having strong morals and beliefs to help guide us. not only that, the pre-marital process would challenge our relationship & strengthen it before we solely become one. i only hope to get Father Eugene's blessing to be married to each other at the end of this process, although i have no doubt in my mind & heart that we will receive it. the cherry on top is... Father Eugene will also be the one to MARRY US,! which is really special for him to not only educate but graduate!

please pray for us as we go over the "blueprints" of our relationship & start the preliminary process to building an everlasting union. your love & support means the world to us!

love, love, and more love,
your future mrs.


bridesmaids the movie

chanelle texted me about this movie earlier today...
i can't wait to watch it with my ladies!!